About Us

Rainbow Eco-Farm and Training Center

Rainbow Eco-Farm and Training Center (REFTC) is a registered NPO of South Africa which works with disadvantaged children and youth. They go into townships and poor communities each week to teach English, math, computer and science as well as run a Saturday Tutoring and Training Camp from their home for school-age learners.

REFTC has partnered with the Southern African Wildlife College and the Vervet Monkey Foundation to teach young people about the emotional, social and physical needs of animals, and how to deal with human – animal conflicts. REFTC’s hope is to create wildlife ambassadors who will be voices for South Africa’s animals.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to break the spirit of poverty in South Africa in the lives of underprivileged teens and young adults through education & training, and to inspire compassionate caretaking of the land and the animals.