IPPL funds support South African students and field assistant

Malta Carolyn & Piwe

One of the goals of our work in Lekgalameetse Nature Reserve is to provide opportunities for South African students to learn about their country’s wildlife.  Thanks to a grant from the International Primate Protection League, we were able to bring Piwe Ludidi up from Mthatha (about 20 hours by bus!) to work with us in the reserve for 3 weeks.  Piwe fell in love with the samango monkeys and had no trouble camping in almost-freezing weather.

Samango Monkey Conservation in Lekgalameetse Nature Reserve

We are currently conducting a samango monkey (Cercopithecus mitis) survey in Lekgalameetse Nature Reserve. Lekgalameetse and the adjacent Wolkberg Wilderness Area together comprise one of the largest tracts of wilderness in South Africa. Blocks of Afromontane forest within the reserve are critical habitat for the samango monkey since the species is restricted to forested areas. Lekgalameetse is therefore an important site for samango monkey conservation. Our goals are to assess the size and health of the samango monkey population, to determine how human activity in the reserve impacts their survival, and to teach South African students about their country’s wildlife.

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Training in Limpopo

limpopoWe traveled to the province of Limpopo to teach a group of young South Africans about caring for God’s creation. Then they went to a local public high school to teach what they had learned. They taught about chickens and had the students experience life in a confined space by having them spend some time under their desk. Then they shared what they had observed at the Vervet Monkey Foundation as female monkeys adopted lonely orphans. Tears were shed and hearts opened. It was an amazing day as attitudes toward animals changed before our eyes.

Rainbow Eco-Farm supplies top Johannesburg Restaurants

Rainbow-Eco-Farm-Training-Center-IMG_1994 The crops from Rainbow Eco-Farm and Training Center come to the delivery door of Fresh Earth, Salvation Cafe and Three Mary’s restaurant in Johannesburg and quickly make it to the lunch table or people’s homes.

Serving organic foods served by friendly staff and a talented chef.  REFTC is so excited to be part of these first class restaurants.

Rainbow Eco-Farm

Rainbow Eco-Farm and Training Center, located in the Muldersdrift area of Gauteng, grows organic herbs and vegetables.  Using the basic principles of organic farming, Rainbow Eco-Farm teaches teens the business of growing food in a sustainable way which benefits both the land and the crops grown. Part of the Saturday School Program is to teach the principles of sustainable farming.

Restaurants are ordering vegetables each week from REFTC, supporting the work of REFTC.  Although the variety of our produce is limited still, they love the work we are doing and the freshness of our vegetables which are frequently picked an hour or two before they are delivered to them.